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Skin Care

7 Pointers To Protect Your Beautiful Lips This Winter

Winter season is in and we have already started feeling the icy winds against our cheeks. While it is the season to sit around the fire with loved ones and catch up on all the gossips and fun while sipping on steaming hot coffee, our skin, especially our lips also need to get that extra care and nourishment.


Just as the skin on your face and body tends to get dead cells after certain intervals, your lip skin to gets dead cells on it which need to be removed by scrubbing your lips. However, be very gentle while exfoliating the lip area as the skin on the lips and around the lip area is ultra sensitive, quite similar to the skin around the eyes. Hence, you need to be very careful when handling it. It is recommended that you always give it a feather touch as your delicate lips would get damaged and wither away by a rough touch or harsh rub. For a natural exfoliation, you could consider using your very own toothbrush and after brushing your teeth, rub the toothbrush gently in circular motion on the entire lip area. Do this on wet lips and after one minute, dip your lips in cool water. Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly after that. Try to do this at night instead of the day when you need to go out on roads. You could also use granulated sugar and lemon on the lips for scrubbing to give you that luscious and full pout.

Beautiful Lips

Hydrate Well

For naturally healthy and soft lips, it is essential that the natural oils in your skin remain in place so that they could guard against cracking chapping of lips during the dry and icy winter season. For ensuring this you need to drink up an adequate amount of water so as to flush out the excess toxins from your body and cleanse your skin completely. Drinking three liters of water every day ensures a balanced moisture level of the skin and guards against dryness or bleeding lips. A.lso, your skin would shine with a healthy pink flush.

Apply Fresh Cream

Milk cream which has been extracted out of the milk freshly is a boon for lips. This is especially beneficial when you apply milk cream to your lips before going to bed. You could use this homemade natural lip mask for your lips at night after exfoliating it. Mix some fresh milk cream with a little bit of rose water and three or four drops of fresh lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients well. Apply the paste to your lips generously and massage for about two minutes in circular motion, very gently. You could also mix a bit of honey into the paste, in case of honey suits you. Wake up to fabulous results in the morning.

Night Care

Never go to bed with makeup on your lips. If you have been exposed to a dry and dusty environment throughout the day, then do not go back home and just drop dead into the bed without even caring about your skin. Just as you remember to cleanse your face, tone and moisturize it, remember to care for your lips also. Wipe them with rose water and olive oil and moisturize well before sleeping.

Be Careful With Lipsticks

What we do not realize at times is that the lip products which we use on the skin go a long way in affecting our skin health, especially the lips. If you are developing rashes, cold blisters, cracked skin, dark patches or burns, bleeding lips or the skin around the lips, then there are high chances that your lip products are not conducive. Either they contain harmful chemicals into them or they have been expired. Always use the lipsticks that have been less than six months old. Also, do not use lipsticks without moisturizing your lips as they cause dryness when you remove them.

Never Lick

While it must be almost irresistible to lick your lips when they dry up or get chapped, it is highly essential that you do not do so. Saliva wets your lips only on a temporary basis and dries up quickly making your lips even flakier and chipped that earlier. Also, you could experience bleeding and sore blisters on your lisp if you are not careful about this habit.

Eat Well

Load up on strawberries, cherries, blueberries, oranges, and grapes. Gorge on nuts this winter and ensure a soft and supple skin for your lips. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the two main champion nutrients to keep your lips in a healthy condition and emit that luscious and pink glow.

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