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Weight Loss

7 Unique Ways to Lose Those Final 5 Pounds

Losing weight is often seen as a process of tangible results followed by agonizing plateaus. Many of those that are on a mission to drop their last few pounds will find themselves in the plateau stage, but there are 7 simple tricks that may be all that is needed for the last five pounds.

Switch Up The Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise should be an important component of everyone’s exercise plan, no matter their final goals. For those that have a few lingering pounds, simply changing to alternative forms of cardio such as swimming, dancing, bicycling could improve calorie burning efficiency.


A Second Look at Liquids

On average, liquids comprise 22 percent of the American diet, and even those watching what they eat could be adding calories to protein drinks and alcohol. If a little weight is lingering, especially around the midsection, it may be best to cut out all liquid but water and tea.

A Physical Hobby

Carrying out the same exercise routines over and over can get monotonous, but adding a new physical hobby could be the needed spurt to burn extra calories. From adult sports leagues to gardening, daily and weekly hobbies could help anyone push through the plateau.

Cut Out Dairy

Different forms of dairy can be found in countless food products and they are notoriously packed with calories and fats. Attempting to cut out all dairy, even when it is added as a miniscule ingredient, will help any health enthusiast refocus their diet.

Track Meals and Workouts

One of the most effective ways to continue to see gains is to track all meal and workouts. While this can be dull, it is the most efficient way to ensure that improvements are being made and changes are not just in one’s head.

A Juice Cleanse

Even when weight is lost throughout the body, fat and toxins tend to linger in unexpected places. A multi-day juice cleanses from a company like My Organic Juice could be that final push for the last five pounds.

Add a Daily Walk

Intense exercise will keep the metabolism up and burn calories throughout the day, but there will be a dip eventually. Adding a brisk 15 to 30-minute walk could sustain one’s metabolism outside of regular exercise hours. The last sprint to one’s final weight loss goals tends to be the most difficult, but all it may take is a slight change to daily habits to make all the difference.

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