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Weight Loss

The Key to Successfully Losing Weight

Weight is one of the touchiest subjects when it comes to having conversations with others. The only thing that tops weight issues is financial issues, which is a whole other subject. People who are struggling to lose weight and those who are overweight and don’t know where to start can feel stressed. The time crunch in their mind could lead to thinking about short-term losses as opposed to long-term success.

While it can seem like that wedding that you must go to in a couple months is the key to finally bearing down and following a weight loss plan, that’s not the long-term solution. Having deadlines is good to help ensure you make progress, but planning only for a couple months ahead isn’t recommended. It’s very likely that if you lose weight leading up to the special event, afterward you are going to gain most of it back.



The way I lose weight and add weight
Decide On Your Reasons 


There are multiple weight-loss products on the market and most of them work. The problem is that many people don’t stick with them for the long-term. This leaves people to bashing certain products stating they don’t work when in reality, they never followed through on the program.


You need to start by deciding on why you want to lose weight. Yes, this can include reasons for you want to look better naked, but try to dig deeper than that. You should take out a sheet of paper or open a word document to record your reasons. Be sure to continue to look over these often and add more as you think of them.



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Avoid Sudden Changes 

As we discussed a little bit above, you need to get over the immediate gratification perspective and switch to a more long-term lifestyle change. Do you want to be your ideal weight for a year or for the rest of your life? A healthier lifestyle is a result of better daily habits. Those who are fit have different habits than those who are overweight.

weight loss

By trying to force an immediate change, such as drastically reducing caloric intake, you are going to have trouble sustaining the change over the long-term. You should make small switches and stay consistent with them so you form new habits. A simple 15 minute walk around your neighborhood every day after work can be an easy task that you can form a habit out of.

You need to realize that habits make you the person you are. Who you are right now is a result of your habits. Who you want to be will have different habits than you currently have. Work on changing your habits a few at a time as you don’t want to overload yourself.

Hopefully, you are starting to realize the importance of a long-term mindset when it comes to losing weight. While you are fully capable of using very restrictive diets to lose weight quickly, they’re likely going to be difficult to maintain into the future. This will lead to gaining weight back. Realize you need to worry about your habits and let weight loss follow.

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